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A Complete Review of Green Coffee Bean Max


Losing weight can sometimes be a very difficult task and this has led to more and more people trying various methods and health supplements in an effort to lose weight more quickly. Green Coffee Bean Max is a new weight loss supplement that helps to ensure that you lose weight quickly and safely. As its name implies, the supplement originates from green coffee bean extract and contains a substance known as Chlorogenic Acid that is known to promote weight loss effects.

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Coffee beans are usually green in nature but end up being roasted and turning brown so as to be sold. This roasting process removes a lot of the Chlorogenic Acid contained in coffee beans thereby reducing its effectiveness to enhance weight loss. Green Coffee beans are thereby similar to the normal brown coffee beans except they have not been roasted yet thus they contain enough Chlorogenic Acid to help in weight loss.


How Does it Work?

Green Coffee Bean Max contains Chlorogenic Acid and Caffeine. Various scientific studies have proven that caffeine is able to enhance the rate of metabolism. However, Chlorogenic Acid is known to be the main ingredient that promotes weight loss in a body. Various studies have revealed that Chlorogenic Acid has the ability to bring down the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed in the digestive tract which in return lowers insulin spikes and blood sugar levels. This makes the consumption of green coffee bean extract similar to taking a diet that is low in carbohydrates. Chlorogenic Acid has also been proven to greatly improve triglyceride cholesterol levels contributing greatly in the prevention of heart disease.

Other Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Max

Besides losing weight, other green coffee benefits are as follows.

– Can lower high blood pressure when taken at the right dosage.
– Green Coffee Bean Max has a positive effect on blood vessels contributing well to your heart’s health.
– Chlorogenic Acid also reduces the absorption of glucose helping in the management of diabetes.
– The Chlorogenic Acid can also work as an antioxidant removing harmful or unwanted chemicals in the body.

Side Effects and Dosage91omsfstscl-_sl1500_

Green Coffee Bean Max seems to have a good safety profile with minimal or no side effects. However, it contains caffeine and this is known to have small side effects such as rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and jitteriness. The Chlorogenic Acid also contains laxative that may cause diarrhea. It should also not be taken by children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have an allergic reaction to coffee beans then it is advisable to avoid the supplement.
Currently, there isn’t an optimum dosage for Green Coffee Bean Max, however, depending on the amount of Chlorogenic Acid contained in the supplement the dosage can range from 200 – 3000mg per day. It is therefore recommended to follow the dosage instructions written on the bottle.

Where to Buy These Caffeine Pills for Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Max is available for purchase on online stores such as Amazon and eBay and or alternatively, you can visit the official website and purchase it from there. It comes in different supplies such as the 1 month supply, 3 month supply, and 6 month supply.

Buy Green Coffee Bean Max

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